Posted by: apsound | May 1, 2009

MTV Live Sessions with Bashy.



Weve been working with Bish Bash Bosh on his debut album ‘Catch me if you Can’, we did a track called ‘The Day Before I Die’… its BIG!.. weve heard his album and gotta say its impressive.. he’s got a lil of everything on it.. watch out for the track with H-boogie! 

MTV Live Sessions

MTV Live Sessions

Anyway… Bashy was doing MTV live sessions and he asked us to come along a preform a more acoustic version of the track… well post the video when its out. But heres some pics from the day, we also got our man Charles Anonymous on the Vox.

Bash and Charles

Bash and Charles

Anyway the day was cool, expect a lot more from Us and Bash in terms of Collabs.



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